time for a new bike rack. best vertical bike rack for your family

Upgrade your bike rack and enjoy more weekend.

We don't just make bike racks, we make your life better. 

Countless families have pulled into our shop with bikes jammed over an old-school two arm rack. It's always a mess - pedals jammed through spokes, brake cables yanked, special adaptors for full suspension bikes. We've been there and we know the struggle. It could take 30-45+ minutes to load the family or crew up for the trip. 

Here's an example from the past weekend.

do I need a new bike rack?

Notice all the bars are turned? Notice all the white foam pads taped on their new bike? This family even had to purchase that clampy bar thing that goes from the stem to the seat post. What you can't even see is the 3 other bikes they had to take both wheels off to load into the hatch back!! They spent 45 mins loading this and it took 20 mins to unload it and put all the bikes back to normal riding shape. 

This is where we come in. 

Our American made rack WILL give you more precious weekend back!

We installed the Lolo Rack onto their vehicle in just a matter or minutes and had ALL 5 bikes safely loaded in just a couple minutes. There was no moving bars, no pedals jammed into spokes no headaches! 

fast loading bike rack for kids bikes and mountain bikes

Enjoy the weekend! 

Have Fun!






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