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"I LOVE your rack! I had a different 5-bike rack and hated every minute of it. I have loved every minute of my Lolo rack! I am a physician on the front lines of COVID-19 so your rack offers a welcome respite for my family and me when we want go get away from it
all :)"

San Francisco, CA

"So beautifully accommodates all the bikes I throw it's way. I love being able to have all six bikes loaded and the kids in the car in the same
time it takes the guy across the lot to get a single bike off his rack, front wheel attached, etc. Couldn't be happier."


"The Lolo Rack is the solution we've been looking for. We use the rack almost daily, and the ease of use (my 6 and 7 year old can buckle and unbuckle the straps!), simplicity of components, and drop down feature for our van doors makes this the best rack I've owned. It's great for long cross country trips, or local shuttle sessions and I never have to worry about my bikes getting scratched, bumping each other, or bouncing around in transit. I'd score it a 10 out of 10!

Casey B
Ashland Oregon, NICA Coach

“Nice tight fit keeping bikes and rack in as close as possible to the rear of the SUV. This and 6 bike-ability is why I chose the rack. My neighbors Suburban with 5 bikes on a Kuat tray rack is no joke 27 feet long! My rig with LOLO 6 is no longer than a two bike tray on a typical SUV. Yes, that's a big deal, especially in crowded trailhead parking areas. Thank you for thinking outside the box and building a great rack system."


“Mountain bikers appreciate a good rack, and the shortcomings of most racks keep us on a perpetual search for the ideal way to transport our bikes. During our quest, we heard about a small Oregon based company called LOLO that offered a tough and unique six-bike hitch rack. After a summer of shop shuttles, long haul road trips and rallying it on the back of a Ford Raptor at speeds not to be disclosed, we can now report the rack as thoroughly tested.”

Loam Wolf

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