The Loam Wolf : Behind the Brand - Lolo Racks USA

The Loam Wolf : Behind the Brand - Lolo Racks USA

Loam Wolf x Lolo Racks USA

We are so excited to share this Loam Wolf - Behind the Brands feature with you!  The Loam Wolf was one of the first media outlets to review our bike rack and we are still stoked on the quality content and information they provide the mountain bike community. 

This video gives a little sneak peek at some upcoming products that are compatible with new and existing racks. You're gonna want these!

A lot has changed since the first time we meet with the Loam Wolf crew. I ended up shattering my foot in a freak accident jumping over my car for the first review but still had to jump something for this shoot.  I ride some sketchy stuff in the shop and then meet up with some friends to shred Johnny Royale at Sandy Ridge.




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