Easy Bike storage for inside your van or camper!

Easy Bike storage for inside your van or camper!

If you own a Transit, Sprinter, Promaster, Express or whatever van and need to store your bikes inside we have a simple and effective solution for you.  This doesn't even require any goofy axle adaptors! 

Use our American made handle bar carriers underneath your bed platform to create a simple but very effective bike storage solution. No expensive bulky pull out tray or axle compatibility issues.

To install: measure your bike with the front wheel removed. Measure from the fork resting near the ground to the top edge of the stem. 

Add 3.5" to your measurement and go to your van platform. If you have the room you can mount our bike carriers under your bed platform. 

This will save you hundreds of dollars on a complicated pull out tray because the bike can already roll in and out on it's own back wheel. Use that money for fixing your bike after the Whistler bike park carnage! 

Email us if you have any questions: customerservice@loloracks.com


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