Dylan Stark for Rampage! Lolo Racks getting it done!

Dylan Stark for Rampage! Lolo Racks getting it done!

This is too good not to share!

Stark for Rampage!

Our buddy Dylan Stark just posted a video of him sending an iconic cliff / road gap.  It's crazy enough just based on the sheer size of the gap and drop but doing it in the wind AND throwing a tuck no-hander in just makes it GNARLY!!! 

Here's what Dylan posted about it on his video page:

"Here is the full video of what went into rebuilding and riding the most legendary freeride mountain bike drop in Southern California. Back in 2002-2003 Wade Simmons and Josh Bender went out to ride this masssive drop from seen in the Terrafirma video series and little did they know they would change freeride mountain biking forever. 20 years later I set out to revive the massive step down gap after nobody has attempted to. It was a lot of work to get it going and with a very short window with weather conditions and a deadline for a video project I wasn't going to waste any time. Hoping to secure an invite to this years Redbull Rampage I wanted to do something that would go unnoticed. Click play and watch the full behind the scenes of what it took to make this happen. Thanks to Marky for helping with the build and all the filmers and photographers that took the time on Fathers Day Sunday to come watch myself send it off the cliff... Make sure to watch the video part called #starkforrampage and get outside and ride! Thanks for watching!"

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Dylan has been running the Foot Activated Tilt 6 bike rack for over a year now! 

We're stoked to support him, Brooke Anderson , Dakota Osusky and Ace Hayden from the YT mob with bike racks and parts! 

Dylan Stark is a Boss

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