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Bike Rack Kit for Rear Ladder Lolo Racks Rad Lad

Bike Rack Kit for Rear Ladder Lolo Racks Rad Lad

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The Lolo Racks RAD LAD is a bike rack kit for the handy do-it-yourselfer to carry 2 bikes on your rear van ladder. Best bike rack for Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter!  

This gives you a solid set up that moves with your rear door so you don't need a swingout or other gizmos to have van door access. Securing the bike is fast and easy compared to tray racks (and half the price and complexity)!

This is the best bike rack system for your van when it comes to ease of use and compact size.

The first rear barn door will normally open without bar or rack interference. The second door will open to the 90 degree stop or further without interference. 

Just like all other Lolo Racks, this rack will carry mountain bikes, road bikes*, city bikes with fenders, kids bikes of any size and fat bikes.  Works with Ebikes under 50 pounds. 

Works great with the Flatline Van (tm) rear cargo system. See photos below. 

Will also work with the Invader cargo rack with spacers behind the top crossbar.  

*Dropper seat posts or quick release seat posts recommended. 

This kit is not vehicle or ladder specific and may require bolt trimming in some cases. 

This is for the do-it-yourself type person with some assembly skills. Some minor fabrication might be needed since this is a universal kit. 

LADDER NOT INCLUDED. We recommend a PRIME DESIGNS or similarly beefy ladder. Also works with tubular reinforced cargo system. 

Kit includes:

  • (2) of our Lolo Racks DIY single bike carriers 
  • (1) steel crossbar for the upper, slotted for adjustability 
  • (1) lower tire crossbar with multiple options for bike alignment  
  • (4) plates and (8) carriage bolts to connect to the ladder rails
  • All Nuts washers and bolts
  • (6) USA-made marine grade hold down straps 

Dimensions: Crossbars are 28" wide with slots to accommodate most ladder widths and bars

Loctite or other thread locking compound required but not included.

Specifications of this product are subject to change without notice. 

Video here:


See last photo for good and bad ladder examples. 
This is for the do-it-yourself type person with some assembly skills. 
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