Fun adventure van without breaking the bank. Toyota Sienna build with Broken and Coastal magazine.

Hey everyone! This is Joe O. 

A little more about me: I grew up in a house where if something on the car stopped working that meant you had to fix it. These skills served me well throughout the cash-strapped college years and continues to help today. One recent instance was helping my friend Chris from Broken and Coastal install a suspension lift on his Toyota Sienna minivan. Adding the lift enabled him to fit larger and more gnarly KO2 tires.

 He since turned his 2004 Sienna into capable adventure van with the help of other local fabricators and gear. Chris has a prototype Lolo Racks Swing arm and 4 bike rack. We normally caution the use of the swing on a stock minivan but with the lift and bigger tires the swing is far enough from the ground that it is good to go. Chris is also taking advantage of the Rotopax tm mounting holes in the Lolo crossbar. This gives him a little insurance when he gets low on gas far from the city.  

 Toyota Sienna camping van with bike rack

Hit up Chris at Broken and Coastal if you have any specific questions or if you just want to check out a cool cycling magazine.

Here is the 2nd video Chris filmed and edited about the van. 


Lolo Racks is happy to help get people out of the house and into the woods!


-Joe O