Rack FAQs

How much do the bike racks weigh?

The 6-bike racks weigh approximately 71 pounds.

The narrow 4-bike racks weigh approximately 64 pounds.

Either way it's 10-20 lighter and easier for you to install than most other racks.

Your back and vehicle will thank you!  

Max Weight / E BIKES

The max total load (bikes and or gear) on the rack is 220 pounds. Please make sure your hitch and vehicle are properly rated for this tongue weight or more. You need a tongue capacity of at least 350 pounds minimum and a 2 inch hitch. 1.25" hitch and an adaptor is NOT safe.

The max per hook limit is 50 pounds for the center 2 hooks only. Other outboard hoks have a 39 pound limit.
Place no more than 2 e-bikes in the center of the rack.
We recommend removing the batteries prior to loading.
Newer generation e-bikes such as the Specialized SL that weigh about 36 pounds can be loaded as if they were normal bikes. 

Some Ebikes with screens next to the screen may require the adjustable width "DH" hook.

The rack is not suitable for RVs and trailers regardless or rating.

Our bike rack works great for minivans like the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey or other car-similar vans. Taking the family to the park or trails will be a breeze with the LOLO Rack! We can bet you’ll get about 30 minutes of your weekend back for actually having fun compared to older design bike racks because loading and unloading will be so much faster.

Will it work with kids' bikes?

Yes, it works great WITHOUT the need for additional special components. Strider and pushbikes usually need a separate strap or bungee just to keep the rear from swaying. We have a nice cam strap here.

Unlike the wheel basket style racks and fork holding designs, our rack will work with kids bike right out of the box. Fork holding style racks require the bike to have a suspension fork.

What is the difference between the 6 and 4 bike rack?

We offer the rack as a 6 bike or 4 bike configuration. 6 bike racks are 60" wide while the 4 bike rack is narrower at 39" wide. The 6 bike rack is approx 74 pounds and the 4 bike rack is approx 62 pounds.

Mountain bikes and other flat bar bikes can be spaced fairly close together, nesting the handlebars by using the angled handlebar hooks. 6 mtbs or kids bikes will fit on a 6 bike rack. 4 mtbs or kids bikes will fit on the 4 racks

Road bikes with drop bars require wider spacing to prevent handlebar interference with adjacent bikes. We advise customers to order the 6 bike rack if you need to fit 4 road bikes.

You can carry at least 2 mtbs and 2 road bikes at the same time on the 6 bike rack. You can put at least 2 mtbs and 1 road bike on the 4 bike rack. Dropbars come in many sizes and shapes so it's hard for us to make a blanket statement.

If you start with a 4 rack you can move up to the 6 rack by purchasing additional hooks AND crossbars. The crossbars of the 6 bike rack have provisions for alternate wider spacing to accomendate drop bar bikes.

Road Bikes? Bike Fenders? Yes they work

Road bikes work in most situations. Drop bar style bars require more room between bikes so you can hang one drop bar bike on the last hook just fine. More than one bike requires more space and sometimes a quick reconfiguration of the hook spacing. This is an easy adjustment on the 6 bike racks. We typically say you can carry 2 (maybe 3) mountain bikes and 2 road bikes on a rack.

4 drop bar bikes will work on the 6 bike rack.

Road bikes with flat or mtb style bars will load and fit just like mountain bikes and 6 bikes are possible.

Beach cruiser bikes with really big swoopy bars or “ape hangers” will work on the last hook.

Time trial or Tri bikes with aero elbow pads will not sit down into the hooks with the elbow rests in places.

Unlike the wheel basket style racks, our rack will work with road bikes or gravel bikes.


Front fenders fit fine.

Rear fenders and panniers will be okay if you make a simple pad to protect the surfaces.

We suggest a piece of pool noodle, pipe insulation or even an old tube works great.

Fat bikes work well on the Lolo Rack!

Forks and tire sizes are not a factor in carrying your bike on the Lolo Rack.

We can easily carry fat bikes with rigid or suspension forks!

There is adjustability in the back wheel hold-downs to accommodate everything from very fat tires to road race tires.

Do I need DH hooks?

You only NEED the DH hooks if you have a bike with dual crown forks (the fork tubes come all the way up to the bars) such as Rock Shox Boxxer and FOX 40s. See example below.

DH hooks will also work with normal mtb, bmx and road bike bars when adjusted to the narrow position.

Skis and Snowboards can be carried!

The Lolo is build to be strong and versatile! You can easily mount ski mounts to the crossbars the same way you would for roof cross bars.

This gives you the capabilities of a Sherpa rack or roof rails on a Sprinter or Transit but without the cost.

Most newer generation ski mounts can be adjusted to fit directly to the rack.

No additional adaptors or parts are required.

We recommend the Thule Snowpack4 part number 7324 for easy set up and fitment.

Add Ski racks to your Lolo Racks

Computers, Screens, and Shimano Di Shifters?

Big center mounted computers will likely need to be removed before hanging the bike.

Shimano controls and shift indicators will clear in most cases. See photo below.

Please note: the 4 and 6 bike racks are not for rv or camper trailer use regardless of hitch rating.

Because of the distance from the rear wheel to the hitch point the forces on the rack are much greater on motorhome, RV and or trailer - regardless of hitch capacity. RVs and Trailers also have a nasty habit of dragging the bumper which would be a very bad thing for any vertical bike rack.

"RVs" built on regular chassis / regular length Sprinter, Transit or Promaster vans is okay.

The rack is not safe on any class 3 or bigger RV or any trailer. There are no exceptions to this rule. 


Vehicle FAQs

Will it fit my vehicle?

The rack is known to fit ALL SUVs, CUVs, trucks and vans when equipped with proper hitch.  If you have a class 3 or higher 2” hitch (or 2.5” with the reducer sleeve) the rack will work.

All 4 and 6 bike racks are sold with a locking hitch bolt that tightens up to eliminate wobble.

Can I open the hatch or tailgate with the bikes on? Info on SUVs and trucks.

There are many variables to whether or not you’ll clear the hatch or tailgate. (bike size/length/wheel size, hitch height from the ground, hitch placement in relation to the door)  We’ve tried a hand full of vehicles but we haven’t tried every combination that could exist. We’ll do our best to give you our best guess. 

Essentially most SUVs and trucks will allow access, even with an XL 29er! Minivans, Subaru Crosstreks, smaller crossovers with aftermarket hitch receivers sit low by nature but usually work when adjusted correctly.

The rack will usually clear some the tilting glass on Tahoes, Suburbans, Toyota Highlander and others WITHOUT MOVING THE RACK OR BIKES!


Our bike rack works great for minivans like the Toyota Sienna, Honda Odyssey or other vans. Taking the family to the park or trails will be a breeze with the LOLO Rack! We can bet you’ll get about 30 minutes of your weekend back for actually having fun compared to older design bike racks because loading and unloading will be so much faster.

best bike rack for sienna minivan

Sprinter, Transit, Express and Promaster van doors.

The current production rack will tilt enough that you can open the rear door to grab a backpack out, with the bikes suspend off the ground. Lifted Sprinters and Transits may have clearance to open the doors with bikes loaded.

You can tilt the rack all the way flat to the ground with no bikes. (first graphic below)

The stock rack will clear most aftermarket steps, no wobbly entenders needed.

If you are looking for the easiest access to van doors check out our BOSS SWINGOUT. (second image below)

bike rack lets van doors open

Distance from back of vehicle.

Measure from the bolt/pinhole in your receiver 12”-13.5" out. This is approximately the distance to the back of the rack’s center tube when angled vertically.

Longer receiver tubes are available so you don’t need to add any wobbly hitch extenders for a clean and solid install. These will clear oversized spares on Jeeps and most Sprinters.

2" or 1.25" receivers?

Hauling 6 bikes requires strong tubes to carry the load. We only sell the rack as a 2" receiver tube because 1.25 is just not stout enough.  Use of any 1.25 to 2” adapter is prohibited.

Highway speed is totally safe

The rack is very well suited for highway travel. We have driven across the country multiple times with our bikes safely on the Lolo Rack. 

Will it work with rear-mounted spare tires on my Jeep, Bronco or Rav-4?

Yes, the rack will work with rear-mounted STOCK SIZE spare tires on most Jeep Wranglers! You will set the center mast to vertical and install. 

Dropper posts are recommended but road bikes can work. 

If you have bigger tires you may need our optional longer reciver tube. This replaces the stock tube to give you the room WITHOUT any janky wobbly extenders.  Extended stinger

Shipping and pick up FAQs

How long do I have to wait to receive my rack?

These 6 Bike and 4 Bike Racks are made locally in small batches. Manufacturing and shipping depend on availability.

Email customerservice@loloracks.com to communicate with a real person. 

Do you offer local pick-up?

If you want to pick up a fully assembled rack in Portland Oregon please contact customerservice@loloracks.com. We will set up your rack for your vehicle and offer special Red, White or Black reflective at time of pick up.

We are only available during business hours on weekdays for installs or pick ups. (weekends are for RIDIN!)

Do you ship internationally?

We don't directly offer shipping outside of the continent. We can help point you toward shipping options that other customers have successfully used.

Misc. FAQs

Compared to that similar rack from brand Y

There might be a similar 6 bike rack available at the big box sporting goods store but don't be fooled by this piece of plastic. 

REI and Dicks sporting goods are a great place to buy a jacket but not for a quality bike rack.

The Lolo Racks 6 bike rack remains the most solid and best option for you and your family. 

See this comparison table below. 


Fold the mast or telescope?

While other racks may have a way to fold the center mast or telescope we have selected not to do so. 

Adding another mechanism to the center of the mast may give a lower height while not carrying bike but the negatives greatly outweigh the benifetes ( Pun intended ). These mechanisms always add excessive wobble and more weight to the rack. Additionally they would add more cost and complexity. 

The beauty of the Lolo is the simplicity and it's sturdiness. You can do pull-ups on the Lolo and it barely moves. Try that with the other wobbly racks!

Storage and garage mounting

You can easily store your LOLO RACK flat to a garage wall because the tongue can fold up. We suggest mounting a 2x4 to the garage wall and lagging it to a few wall studs (to spread out the load) then add a few heavy duty garage hooks from the hardware store to hang the rack. This is an easy, efficient and affordable way to store the rack and clean up your garage! 

Where are Lolo Racks made?

Lolo Racks are proudly cut, drilled, welded coated and painted by fellow riders and friends in Portland Oregon USA.

Why carry by the bars?

We hold on to what you hold on to. This is the easiest way to carry ALL of your bikes; mountain, road, cyclocross, BMX, fat bikes, and kids bikes without changing or modifying rack parts.

Bars are strong enough for a 300-pound man-beast pedaling up and down a mountain which means they are totally fine to carry a 15-50 pound bike.

Other racks carry the bike by holding the fork crown or the front wheel. We feel that holding the bike by the lowest cost, easiest to replace components is the best option. Any minor rub marks or scuffs that might happen won't be on a $1000 component. 

Controlling the bikes according to the bars means your brake levers are safe from the adjacent bike smacking into them regardless of big or small bikes.  The rack can carry everything from a kid's balance bike up to a long 29er mtb right out of the box.

Bike tire slow leaks and flat tires won't affect the safety of our rack. This would be a big problem for the basket style racks.

Loading point is much lower than other designs so loading is easier, faster and safer.

Our design offers much more usable adjustability compared to other 5-bike racks and 6-bike racks. This is an important factor for having the best set up for your vehicle and getting the best rack for you.

Our handlebar pads are USER SERVICEABLE and repairable compared to the non replaceable mounts on our competitor's product.

The bar carrying design is much more compact to store. See faq for easy garage mounting ideas without need for an expensive bulky stand.


“I’ve been running the same carbon bars from when I started Lolo Racks 3 years ago. These have been through all kinda of testing, bumpy roads, cross country trips and still I have no hesitations even when hitting big jumps.”-Joe O-Owner, Engineer plus actual bike rider.

Here are the same carbon bars hitting a road gap over my girlfriend even after years of harsh real life testing.

Will it hurt my bike?

Under normal operation, the racks leave no marks or marring. If you're driving for hours in gnarly, abusive, dusty conditions you may want to put a piece of extra padding or tape on the bars if you have a matte finish.

You can carry bikes with fenders and panniers but you should place a pad on the rear fender or pannier if you're worried about marring the fender. 

We’ve spent years testing bikes with carbon bars to wear and are still testing the same hooks and bars today with no issues. Remember, we actually ride bikes!

Unlike wheel basket style racks, having a flat tire on your bike won't affect the safety of our rack. This would be a big problem for the big bulky basket style racks.

Our handlebar pads are USER SERVICEABLE and repairable compared to the non replaceable mounts on our competitor's product.

Can I lock the rack and bikes?

All racks are sold with a beefy locking anti-rattle bolt that tightens up. The rack features an integrated port for u-locks or cables.

Serviceable is better than disposable!

The rubber pads on the bar hooks are user-serviceable rather than disposable so you can easily maintain the performance of the rack for many years.

You can replace the hook pads at home with common automotive or industrial hose. This minimizes plastic waste and keeps you on the trails!

The competitor's rack has handlebar mounts that are NOT serviceable. They are disposable and must be replaced entirely

Can I upgrade my rack?

YES! We are not like a cell phone company and want you to be happy with your purchase for a long time. We always try to design new features that can be retrofit into older models whenever possible.

Want to build your own design?

We sell hooks and bike rack parts individually so you can build whatever you can dream up.

See the DIY Bike Carrier Hooks. 

Still have a question about our racks?

Visit our contact page here and will do our best to help you!

PHONE NUMBER? You can talk to a real human by sending us an email. We take pride in speedy responses and try to get back to the same day. DO NOT call any LOLO RACKS phone number found on google, they are not current.